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Among all the nations you can find absolutely different people with various interests: cinema, music, clubs, travelling… Here, in Russia, I know many people who like offroading (possibly it’s caused by the roads quality :) ). And we also like offroad in some degree – the fear to be left without a car brings us back to senses when needed :) By the way, it’s our Pajero II – almost alive!

Pajero II

In May we and our friends visited one event out of many devoted to offroad activities – Siberian auto moto festival. This time we didn’t participate (because of our commom sense that sometimes prevents us from great number of cool things) and only watched the competitions among the different offroad vehicles.

Siberian auto moto fest

Last year the festival gathered about 500 cars from different parts of Siberia, this year I don’t know exactly, but it seemed to me there were a lot of people, cars (not only SUVs) and ATVs. The event took place about 70 km from Novosibirsk, in the open country.

It should me mentioned that a certain part of Russians (not everyone) have no manners to visit such events: we spent there almost 3 days and every evening or night somebody overserved turned on his favourite music and made it so loud that it was impossible to sleep. The next day we could see “astronauts” who couldn’t stand on the ground :))

Siberian auto moto fest participants

WTF? I suppose the participants. To tell the truth, I like people keen on creating such cars – you should be a real offroad fan to spend so much money on this:

Siberian auto moto fest participants Siberian auto moto fest participants

The event was sponsored by a number of Novosibirsk companies and the Subaru dealer which even brought some new, shining Foresters to attract attention :) But I think nobody believed these cars got on the stones unaided ;)

Subaru sponsorship

The beginning of the offroad competitions. The chosen place was beautiful but absolutely inconvenient for spectators because the part of competiotion tracks wasn’t in our sights.

Beginning of competitions

There were several tracks with different complexity levels. The majority of participants chose the track below because it wasn’t too difficult.

2 cars in the center stayed there in case that somebody didn’t manage to get a car out of mud.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

Siberian offroad fest competitions

Siberian offroad fest competitionsSiberian offroad fest competitionsSiberian offroad fest competitionsSiberian offroad fest competitions

At certain moments the atmosphere became tense – one moment a participant on ATV turned over trying to drive on slopes, such that the four-wheeler fell on the driver. Fortunately, the driver suffered no harm in spite of the fact he fell almost on the head and could break the neck.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

This track was much more difficult because of muddy slopes.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

Only this small Suzuki and one more car equipped with winches had the courage to conquer it.

Siberian offroad fest competitionsSiberian offroad fest competitions

At that moment 2 Pajero had good time somewhere in the meadow.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

Forester, you are drunk, go home!
That white forester in front of UAZ got into the mud 3 times: the first 2 times, getting stuck in mud, it lost both bumpers, but the driver didn’t give up!

Siberian offroad fest competitions

The next day competitions. Russian Lada Niva is getting into water to take the track.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

How did it happen? An ordinary piece of multidiscipline track.

Siberian offroad fest competitions

Unfortunately motocycle track wasn’t serious: it was just a short serpentine track that was popular only with children aged to 16 years. Other people who came there with their Enduro were confused a bit when saw this track.

But anyway event was wortth visiting even because of the place that was really beautiful!

Novosibirsk oblast nature

A field of lungworts.

Novosibirsk oblast nature


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