Therapy unit in one of the Russian commercial hospitals

Medicine services in Russia

Have you ever watched Michael Moore’s documentary film ‘Sicko”? It’s quite interesting as devoted to medical issues of different countries (and we, people, are always curious about different sides of living abroad, aren’t we?). Actually, I wonder if everything mentioned in that film represents the real facts, without distortion? Something seems a bit strange to me, and some facts I just can’t understand as I live in another context.
Having watched this film, I decided to write a post about the Russian health system (and to compare it with other countries). So, maybe you’ll be confused as much as me. Continue reading

Block of flats yard

Russian Housing

People’s tendency to take phrases (and photos) out of context always puzzles me. Not long ago I found an interesting discussion on Internet where one man insisted that there are only old, awful houses in Russia, showing one of the ‘khrushevka’ photos from my blog. It won’t surprise me, if this man has never been to Russia.

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Novosibirsk park path

Daily biking

2 days ago we took a short ride because the temperature seemed to be going up (a bit). Yes, I hope summer has finally come.

I did tell you there are no special bike paths in our city and in many others, so, if you want to ride a bike, you have several ways out: Continue reading

Novosibirsk window view

Notes on Siberian weather

As you know Russia is a big country which stretches for thousands of kilometers and covers different climate zones. That’s why weather in regions may differ. Actually, Siberian summer didn’t please the last 2 or 3 years. Last year, for example, it was snowing on the first day of summer. Of course, snow melted away in a couple of hours, but, as Russians say, “an aftertaste remains”. Continue reading