Pajero II

Offroad in Russia | Siberian Auto Moto Festival

Among all the nations you can find absolutely different people with various interests: cinema, music, clubs, travelling… Here, in Russia, I know many people who like offroading (possibly it’s caused by the roads quality :) ). And we also like offroad in some degree – the fear to be left without a car brings us back to senses when needed :) By the way, it’s our Pajero II – almost alive!

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Siberian forest, pines

Siberia, where is it?

Strangely enough, but there exist a big difference between Siberia as a geographical region and as a Russian federal district: the former is bigger as contains more areas. That’s why not every Russian can say where Siberia is located and where its boundaries are. Continue reading

Berd rocks view, the Novosibirsk area

Weekend ideas

Summer has come and it means that people prefer to spend time outdoors.

The most popular places are free beaches where people lie like seals and there isn’t  enough room to swing a cat. Or the nearest forests where people all together make a fire, prepare shashlyk and listen loud music. Just imagine: 1000 squared metres (for examples), a great number of people (not enough space for everyone), but everyone considers it’s his duty to turn on his favorite music and make it louder. Usually after eating,  people dump garbage in the same place.

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