Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport

Despite the fact that the airport name contains the word “international”, it is really small in comparison with other airports I’ve visited. On this pic you may see the airport terminal A intended for domestic flights.

Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport, terminal A
The parking area in front of the airport is chargeable, but you should pay only if you leave a car for more than 30 min. It means you may drive passengers with luggage to the airport’s main entrance, and then leave a car at the free parking located approximately 300 metres from the airport. From that parking you may get to the airport via sidewalk.

Way to the airport
The international terminal B is located to the right of the terminal A. Formely, it was much smaller, but now it’s been redesigned. A couple of days ago we met our friend here and had a possibility to see how awful it looks in and outside because of current modernization.

Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport , terminal_B_
Look at the arrival lounge :) Definetely quite big!

Tolmachevo arrival lounge 2014
What a fantastic window view! Hope the airport will get more attractive form by the time it will be finished.

Arrival lounge window view
Terminal B inside view: cafe (not a good one), coffee vending machines, mobile operator offices, administrative staff offices. One of the problems of all the airports is cafes offering tasteless food at too high price.

Inside the novosibirsk airport terminal B
And, of course, electronic schedule displays.

Inside the novosibirsk airport terminal B
Waiting room.
 Inside the novosibirsk airport terminal B
Terminal A outside view.

Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo terminal A
Runaway view before boarding.

Tolmachevo takeoff runway view
A few airplanes and baggage cars scurrying about.

Airport baggage cars
Apron buses are used even in winter, at temperature of -30 °C. Once, in fabruary, we were returning from Thailand and the warmest clothes we had were a pair of jeans and sweaters. That day some passengers had to get off the plain wearing only shorts and flip-flops. It was -25°C outside.

Airport apron buses

Jet bridge

Aircraft refueler truck
I couldn’t pass by these trees without taking a photo. Late spring is the most beautiful period in Russia (especially in Saint-Petersburg), when apple and bird cherry trees start blooming.

Bird cherry trees near the airport

Bird cherry trees near the airport

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