Ausgerechnet Sibirien

Last night we watched this movie. Well, to be honest, we weren’t interested in the plot from the very beginning, but curiosity — how foreigners imagine Russia — served its purpose :)

First of all I should prevent you from relying on this film creating your impression about Russia (or Siberia) and planning your trip here – it shows all the prejudices against the Russians and the Russian cities. Moreover they are exaggerated in many-many times :)

The movie reflected some facts which were actual many years ago. But again and again Russian drunk people, vodka on a table and other Russian peculiarities in foreign movies amuse me more and more! Of course you may go to a remote village or a town and there is a possibility that you’ll find all of that. But I wouldn’t recommend you to do it.

By the way the film wasn’t shot neither in Novosibirsk nor Kemerovo: I guarantee that Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo looks better :) Kemerovo, if I’m not mistaken, too. Anyway you won’t see these cities in the film, it becomes clear when the cars show up in the scenes – the number plates of the cars belong to the different region which is located in a different part of the country. It is quite possible that film makers have never been to Siberia.

The film isn’t deeply philosophical but quite funny and simple. I would recommend to people who are going to visit Russia (just to make sure of the significance of the stereotypes in a modern society).

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