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It’s really cold today. At night it was -32°C (-25.6°F), now (at 2 pm) it’s -26.4°C (-15.52°F).

Frost in Novosibirsk

You can’t see on the photo, but it’s so cold outside that even frost smoke arose in the air.

One of the main problems in such weather concerns your car: because of low temperature, battery discharges and oil in engine gets congealed, so you just can’t start a car. There are 2 solutions:

1. You install an alarm with the remote starting system and set the certain temperature, when the car will get started. When the engine is warmed-up, it will automatically shut off.

2. You install an autonomous coolant heater, such as Webasto, that runs on vehicle’s fuel. The electric variants aren’t so popular in Russia because you will hardly find a plug socket in the street to connect the heater :) They are usually used by detached house owners.

P.S. Last summer I saw Tesla Model S not far from Novosibirsk, and I suppose its owner has another car for such weather.

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