Khakassia, Tyva and Altai Republic | Trip across Siberia

Despite the old prejudices, now Siberia isn’t considered the back of beyond any more. Novosibirsk is the third biggest city in Russia with the branches of international companies, shopping malls, plants, and traffic jams. Hey, and we have UBER here!

But even nowadays, there is something that makes Russia and Siberia different from some other countries. It’s great territory. The total Russian area makes up about 17 million km² with 146 million of population. Naturally, going somewhere we can drive a few hours before getting a city, town, or a village. In return, while driving, we can enjoy nature views, forests and vast expanse of fields. Travelling here is great!

Especially, it’s worth going to mountains.

If we are speaking about Siberia, the highest mountains here are Altai (the most popular range due to a highway that goes through the most part of a region, right among the mountains), Sayan mountains, and Kuznetsk Alatau (the highest points are 4505, 3491, and 2211 metres, correspondingly). All of them are located in the south of Siberia, along the Kazakhstan and Mongolian borders.

We’ve been to all of the mentioned places at least once. The last year we crossed the Kuznetsk Alatau, East Sayan range (for the first time), and once more visited Altai Mountains.

Post about our trip 2014 here – Trip to Altai Mountains 2014

Here is our track on Google maps:

Altogether, we drove through 5 regions (the home region doesn’t count): Kemerovo Oblast, Republic of Khakassia, Tyva Republic, Altai Republic, and Altai Krai. In next few posts I’ll tell about all the regions we visited and, of course, will show cool photos!

But now I have a short video presenting the most beautiful and astonishing places here, in Siberia. Yeah, it’s my first video ever!


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