Altai Mountains trip 2014

Altai mountains (or Altai Republic) is definitely our favourite travel destination in Russia, and when an opportunity occurs we always try to go there. You can read the post about our last trip here – Ukok plateau 2012.

The first part of our trip (the southern side of Teletskoye lake) on Google maps:

The key points:

  • Novosibirsk
  • Biysk
  • Gorno-Altaisk
  • Aktash village (50.307342,87.607920)
  • Ulagan village
  • Katu-Yaryk mountain pass (50.910731,88.224927)
  • Camping
  • The Stone Mushrooms camping
  • The Stone Mushrooms
  • Balyktcha village (51.286247, 87.715025)
  • Teletskoe lakeside (51.359132,87.764728)

And the second part of our trip — Aktru mountain (about 4.000m).

The same highway, M52 “Chuya Highway”.

M52 highway

One of the first key points – Urochische Akkorum. Only mountains and few organized campsites, that’s all.Urochishche akkurum camping

Balykcha village near our first destination – Teletskoye lake.

I envy those people who live in such a beautiful place. Though living there has its negative sides – it’s a remote village among the mountains, and I think it’s difficult to supply it with food and other goods in winter.Balykcha village, Altai

Mountains and trees

Waterfall near Balykcha village

It's me!

Campfire gathering

Lovely dachshund

I don’t know why but locals like to sink their cars in mud or puddles :) It’s not the first time when we meet people who ask for help.Uaz sunk in a large puddle

Nightshooting on a lakeside

A big watrefall

Teletskoye lake.Tteletskoye lake

Tteletskoye lake

Reka Chulyshman in Balykcha village

Mitsubishi Pajero


Hilux in a shallow river

Chulyshman river

Nothing special. Just horse crossing the mountain river.Horse crossing river

Chulyshman valley.Urochishche Akkurum

Katu-Yaryk mountain pass.Katu-Yaryk mountain pass

Katu-Yaryk mountain pass

Katu-Yaryk mountain pass

Mitsubishi Pajero and Aktru mountain

Aktru small gracier.Aktru mountain

Сlimbing up the mountain

Сlimbing up the mountain

Aktru glacier

Aktru glacier

Kurai steppe.

Kurai steppe



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