Auto politeness or Russian driving style

Not long ago our friend came back from Bangkok (he had been living here for more than 1 year) and we discussed some peculiarities of drivers of these two countries. So, this text will be the start of the driving theme posts.

Bangkok traffic
Bangkok traffic

Actually I always say that in every country you can find people with absolutely different manners (sometimes, out of despair, I can say that there’s no good-mannered people in Russia). Not everyday but  I ascertain that responsive people, who are always ready to help you, also live in my country.

Back on topic, according to the Russian driving regulations there exist main and minor roads, and if you need to turn left or right from minor to major road, you should let everybody pass and only then move in the right direction. Everything is ok, but generally it is difficult to turn because of road traffic and you may wait long enough. I suppose the majority of drivers faced such situation at least once in their life, and each of them realizes how hopeless can be this situation if you are not impudent. That’s why letting someone in is supposed to be an indicator of your good manners on road. And in that case people usually thank each other: if you were let in, you can turn on hazard flashers or just give a “thank you” wave. If you are a driver who sees that another one can’t turn, while slowing down you may also use headlight flashing to “tell” the other driver that you let him in.

Car on a bridge
Bridge in Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, cars in the street
Saint Petersburg, cars in the street

As we were said in Thailand things are different, and your only chance to cut in is… impudence and persistence :)
And what about your country?

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