Novosibirsk roof views

Recently (about 10 years ago) relatively high buildings began to appear in our city. I say “relatively”, because in other countries one may see higher buildings. Here, in Novosibirsk, a 25-storey house is cosidered to be really high in comparison with ordinary 5-, 10-storey ones.

I like roofs of such buildings, here you may see the city spread out behind you.

There are some roof photos from different parts of Novosibirsk. This one is from the 25-floor house near the center of Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk roof view

Absolutely different buldings, uncoordinated architecture. The reason for that is infill construction, which is very popular in Russian cities today.
Novosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof view

11th floor of one of the buildings of my university: here you may see so-called “stalinkas“, it’s NSTU (Novosibirsk State Technical University) dormitories.Novosibirsk roof view.

Novosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof view

The 25th floor of the house near the river:Novosibirsk roof view

A lot of poor private houses:Novosibirsk roof viewNovosibirsk roof view

Novosibirsk roof view

Novosibirsk roof view

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