Have I already mentioned that we like biking? Yes, we do!
Unfortunately, most of the Russian cities don’t have any special bicycle routs that’s why people ride their bikes near the right edge of the roadway or on sidewalks.

The first variant is quite dangerous in view of behaviour of some crazy drivers who don’t get used to seeing bikers on the road. The second variant sometimes is also inconvenient because there is a need to bike around pedestrians who sometimes get frightened of you :) The only fact that makes me glad is that there are enough places where to ride with unsurfaced roads and without cars.

Biking in the forest
Russian forest Biking in the forest

Came to a river bank.

Ob' river Russian forest Biking Biking Biking

Somebody has already visited this place :/

Russian forest

Finally we found a good car-free road! They exist! :)

Biking Biking Russian forest

Siberian beauty.

Russian forest Biking in the forest Biking in the forest Biking in the forest

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