The center of Siberia

Slight digression: Novosibirsk — the city I live in — is considered to be “the center of Siberia”, because it’s the biggest and the most populous city in Siberian region; besides it’s a transport, industrial and trade center of federal importance. As you may see, there is no bears in the street and people playing balalayka ;)

So, you’re welcome!

Today we’re going to take a walk in the center of Novosbirsk and to take a closer look at its surroundings and architecture.

To be honest, Novosibirsk is rather grey and gloomy because of its architectural solution: there are a great number of buildings which belong to the Stalin period of the rule and which are noted for their dark and obscure fronts.

The only thing that prettifies the appearance of the city is parcs where you may walk and spend time with your family or friends. But in my opinion this variant is suitted only for summer.

Parcs in Novosibirsk Parcs in Novosibirsk

Spring is coming!

Parcs in Novosibirsk Parcs in Novosibirsk Parcs in Novosibirsk

An ordinary Russian man ;)

An ordinary Russian man ;)

An ordinary Russian bench full of ads and scratches.

Parcs in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Hall.

The center of Novosibirsk, the Philharmonic Hall


The center of Novosibirsk

The word “Росгосстрах” on house-top is the name of the Russian insurance company, which means “Russian State Insurance”.

One interesting fact about etimology: the word “Insurance” in English language originated from the word “sure”, i.e. “to be sure in something”. But the Russian equivalent for this word is “Страхование” (“Strakhovanie”) which is result of the word “Страх” (“Strakh”), i.e. “fear”.

Yep, I adore etimology :)

Novosibirsk city administration

This chapel is believed to be the center of Russia. But it’s not true :)

The center of Novosibirsk The center of Novosibirsk

Victory Day posters. 68 years ago, on 9 of May (according to the Moscow time), the German Instrument of Surrender was signed. Nowadays this day continues to be a great date in Russian history.

The center of Novosibirsk  The center of Novosibirsk Sunset in Novosibirsk The center of Novosibirsk

Pedestrian subway entrance.

Pedestrian subway Novosibirsk  The center of Novosibirsk

One more Victory Day banner on the building of Novosibirsk City Administration.

Novosibirsk city administration The center of Novosibirsk, Krasny Prospekt

Subway entrance (the capital letter “M” means “Metro” (Rus. “Метро”) and the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre on the background.

The center of Novosibirsk, the subway station entrance

The most part of the buildings are grey and somber.

The center of Novosibirsk The center of Novosibirsk, the subway station entrance

The statue of Vladimir Lenin in the center :) It’s a feature of Russia! The statue on the right is called “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” (Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa), it’s a kind of symbol of Soviet Union. The group of people on the left I don’t know %) Somebody says they are revolutionists, other — “A worker, a Red Army man and a guerilla warrior “. So, I’m not sure.

The center of Novosibirsk, the statue of Lenin The center of Novosibirsk

A cheerful Russian programmer against the background of obscure city ;)

The center of Novosibirsk

Meanwhile the weather was getting worse.

Nevertheless we managed to take some shots with really great colours!

Business centre in Novosibirsk

And by the way! Sometimes common buildings are mixed with buisness centers and malls. Such a contrast :)

Business centre in Novosibirsk

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  • Roman

    It’s springtime in Russia :)
    I like colours of your photos! It’s so depressed and cold gamma, like in David Fincher movies… like you know… no hope, no way. no no no, only cold and suffer :)

      • And

        Not true. Pretty sunny most of spring/summer time. The city is very colourfull in the summer. It has its own unique atmosphere, which you wouldnt find in any other place, and its not “grey” or “only cold and suffer”, its green and sunny, and its a pleasent place to stay in the summer. Rainy days happens everywhere, dont let those pictures to misguide your judgement.

        • python

          It sounds like you were offended by this post. I hope you are not, because it doesn’t make sense)

          Anyway I’m very glad you like this city. I also like it but I try to describe it without emotions. That’s why there can’t be truth of falsehood – it’s the way I (and a lot of other people) see this city.

          So, as I have already said, it has gloomy architecture and a lot of grey buildings ( it’s a fact, not an opinion ) – because the city was founded at the end of XIX century and it began to grow in XX, and it’s a period of certain architecture styles, one of them is Stalinist architecture which gave the city such “face”. This face is peculiar and maybe interesting, but it’s gloomy.

          Also there is a problem: a great number of advertisment. Too many billboards and other advertisment constructions for such city.

          And, finally, there are few trees. Of course, it depends on a city district, but lately one cuts down a lot of trees and sometimes parcs all over the city. Sometimes to erect new billboard or business center. Now, for example, someone from our local governement offered to remove a beautiful alley along the main street of the city. Because of the traffic jams and because someone doesn’t want to spend money on building a new road.

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